Art and Piano

Enjoy the finer things in life with Sunrise Relocation.

High-Quality, White Glove Moving

Certain moves require a delicate, white glove approach. At Sunrise Relocation , we understand that your belongings are prized possessions. While we always handle our moves with care, there are certain specialized moves that require a sensitive approach. 

Move Your Most Delicate Belongings

If you need to move a piano, a piece of art, or any other delicate object, we’ll ensure you’re only getting our best, highly trained movers. These individuals will move the objects with care, ensuring they’re handled as delicately as they deserve to be handled.

The Sunrise Relocation Advantage 

Sunrise Relocation understands quality.
If you’re looking for white glove moving, you probably understand quality too. Whether it’s the beauty of fine art or the skill required to play the piano, you know that people have to spend time to make something great.
You don’t want to give your valuables to some fly-by-night company. Instead, you need a moving company you can trust.
The movers at Sunrise Relocation are trained to ensure they understand the level of quality we expect from our team. We’re trained and insured, which helps us make sure you’re getting safe, high-quality moving services.

We’ll stay in contact with you throughout the moving process because we want to ensure you get the best moving services available in Houston.

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