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Moving Your Business?

Sunrise Relocation will make sure your property – which costs thousands upon thousands of dollars – is safely transported. Our workers are licensed and insured. We take our job seriously, and we’ll do our best to cause the smallest possible interruption to your business.

When Should I Move My Business?

There are a variety of reasons why businesses need to change their location. Sometimes, they’ve simply outgrown their space. Other times, there’s better rent available at another office. Once you start feeling like your space is limiting you, it’s probably time to make the move. 

What Should I Do Before My Commercial Move? 

There are a few things you should do before making a commercial move.

You want to have a detailed inventory of all the items that you’re moving. This ensures that everything makes it to the new space. 
As well, you’ll need to understand which employees are making the move with you and which ones are going to a different location.
From there, you’ll need to inform your customers of the move, if anyone visits your location. 
Retail stores may need to sell off some of their merchandise, while offices simply need to let customers know they’ll be closed during the move.
This will help make your commercial move profitable and stress-free.

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